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Handmade Earthy Ceramic Pottery Dish

Handmade Earthy Ceramic Pottery Dish

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[ description ]
spectacular mini pottery bowl with an earthy glaze resembling oxidized iron and stone. marked with what i believe reads 'dublin pottery', though some of the letters are very faint and difficult to read. also marked with a flower stamp. perfect size for palo santo or incense.

[ details ]
= measurements =
overall, 4.50 inches in diameter, 1.75 inches in height

= condition =
great condition

*special notes: there are a couple of spots on the inside where bubbles must have burst during the firing process, creating a 1-2mm dia hole, which, in my opinion, would not make this a great candidate for user with food. but it works perfectly fine for crystals or incense! i honestly did not notice them until after handling the bowl a few times (after taking these photos), but wanted to point them out.