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Large Vintage Wooden Hanging Teardrop Planter Holder

Large Vintage Wooden Hanging Teardrop Planter Holder

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[ description ]
i don't come across these very often, and this is the largest hanging wooden planter i have found to date! this would look superb with a philodendron or other vine-like plant, imo, but i thought my jade plant looked pretty great in there as well.

[ details ]
= measurements =
overall: 30.00 inches in length, 17.75 inches in width, 6.50 inches in depth; 5.25 inch opening for planter

= condition =
excellent vintage condition

*special notes: I strung some rope up on this guy to hold him up for photos; it will ship with it on - feel free to do with it what you wish. the jade plant and terra cotta planter are not included.