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Natural handmade woven African Bolga Market Basket

Natural Handmade Woven Bolga Market Basket from Africa

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[ description ]
large size african market basket handmade from 'natural' and 'light purple' elephant grass with a braided leather handle. the person i had purchased this basket from (along with one i decided to keep) said they were purchased in africa during a church trip. i love these baskets so much, as they are just beautiful on their own, but make a great larger scale storage solution (a couple of blankets or throw pillows, kids toys, large flower or vegetable harvest basket, etc.) too. i personally was drawn to the neutral colors of these too (hence why i kept the other) over some of the brighter colors that you may find.

[ details ]
= measurements =
length: 17.00 inches
width: 13.00 inches
height: 13.00 inches (8.00 inches without handle)

= condition =
excellent pre-loved condition

*special notes: this basket currently has a slight lean, which i think makes it unique. however, these baskets are extremely easy to re-shape! all you need to do is dip the basket in cold water for about 60 seconds or so, and then it sit for about 5 minutes to allow time for the water to absorb into the basket, so that it becomes pliable. then you are ready to re-shape just how you like it, and once it finishes drying, it will maintain that shape!